Welcome to Kiwi-Flyers coaching! This dream of ours has been long in coming, and we are so excited to launch it and see where it goes. We returned to Conifer, Colorado, in October 2022 from a year of living on the other side of the world in New Zealand. We had a fantastic year of reconnecting with Mike’s family, living minutes from an amazing black sands beach where we learned to surf, and getting to experience our kids thriving and growing in more ways than we expected. Our time abroad allowed us to consider what this next chapter of life would look like for our family when we returned to our home in Colorado. While we did not know all the details, we knew that we were determined to create the space to live intentionally and work in a setting that allows us to embrace our passions.

After many conversations, reflecting, and planning, we chose to take the plunge and dive into our goal to live with purpose and help others run well and live well. Mike has always had a passion for helping others believe in and work toward their potential, and coaching has been a consistent outlet for seeing others succeed. He is one of the rare runners who retired from competing at the high end of the sport while still loving to get out there and reap the benefits the sport brings physically and mentally. Mike embodies this spirit through his coaching relationships and is gifted in helping others believe and get after goals they never dreamed possible. I would know firsthand after experiencing the transformation into higher levels of competition. After 40 marathons at 40 years old, I achieved the dream I never imagined reaching: breaking 3 hours in the marathon.

My involvement with Kiwi-Flyers has evolved into a natural progression from my career of helping others break through barriers in different ways. Working as a licensed therapist for 15 years, I have had the opportunity to develop my counseling style by drawing upon unique strategies to help others live well. During Covid, I learned that when life became limiting in terms of connecting with others, even amidst the challenges, we could still find creative ways to get outside and do the things that make us feel alive. The world was experiencing a health and mental health crisis, with anxieties and fear at an all-time high. I managed this time by drawing close to my circle of support and embracing running as a way to manage the stress all around. Incidentally, this was right around the time when we were planning our New Zealand family adventure. New Zealand offered a break from the chaos and busyness that was so overwhelming at that time and provided us the chance to slow down and develop a path forward in our careers. Our family time abroad confirmed my desire to combine my personal and professional experience to help others find healthy ways to slow down and work through the barriers that prevent living a life of meaning and connection. Through all of my counseling work, regardless of who walks into my office (or into my Zoom call), it has been evident that there is an undoubtedly powerful connection between the mind and the body. It is nearly impossible to feel good about ourselves and to take care of others when we do not prioritize taking the time to find out how to take good care of ourselves. I am excited to share my knowledge, skills, and experience with others on the path to wellness.

We plan to release a new blog post every Tuesday. In this space, you will find stories, coaching tips, mental strategies, and the occasional race report that provides some behind-the-scenes details from a Masters runner who works hard to balance parenting, relationships, work, and running while still getting the best of herself on the race course. Up next week- Arches 50K training race report. Slick rock and more slick rock with fun stretches of icy mud. It didn’t disappoint.

Welcome to Kiwi-Flyers coaching; we look forward to supporting others on this new adventure!

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  1. John Burns January 31, 2023 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    I have no doubt people that use Kiwi Flyers will benefit physically and mentally. Such a well written blog. Looking forward to reading it again next Tuesday.

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